We specialize in new and gently used books in religion and politics

We carry subjects that we're often taught aren't suitable for 'polite company' like religion and politics. The reason we do this is that, when we make such crucial topics taboo and shut down conversation, moral formation and discernment is forced onto the shoulders of individuals. Rather, we think these topics are centrally important to healthy communities, so we bring books and coffee to stir up polite conversation wherever it's needed. 

Spoke'n Polite Company peddles thoughtful conversations, bringing meaningful dialogue wherever people will have us . You can invite us to your event or find us pushing dialogue in the Triangle area wherever we can squeeze in. A small fee may apply to reservations, but as a project of a nonprofit organization, Centurions Guild, we offer a lot of flexible, cost free ways to collaborate with us. 



(919) 641-6770


1902 West Main Street
Durham, NC 27705

Spoke'n Polite Company is operated by Labarum, LLC but owned by Centurions Guild, a nonprofit organization based in Durham, NC. Want something unique for your event? We bring coffee, books, & conversation to your block party, pop up market, or foodie rodeo. 

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